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I"They say that every attorney has their own style.  I guess that this is mine....I trust it's the right one, since it's worked for me, and it's worked for awhile.  When asking potential clients to come by, it would be nice if we could match them up with satisfied other clients...there would be no problem....there probably are a good number.   We solve problems, and we help for the while it takes to do so.
There are reasons to share the victories of the 'turtle skies', and the peaceful tranquilities of the 'duckmoons'.

Becoming Known

As the  office appears in Collin County, a key to success is becoming known--the public has to become aware of our presence.  An innovation for us, and all of our fellow tenants  will be the  Datrix-powered Social Media Browser (our own innovation), hoped-to-be-sponsored by our hosts Meridian Properties.  It will highlight all of the tenants in our fine property - and can drive the  viewer traffic from computer use, and can guide all of our potential clients to our  fine facility.  It must be seen and used to be  believed...this our "face" and the face of our host.....

Survivors Victory Day - Survivors of Trauma and Veterans -- Proposed in CongressSurvivors Victory Day - Survivors of Trauma and Veterans -- Proposed in Congress

On November 19, 2014, Congressman John Carter ® of Round Rock, Texas submitted a Resolution before the House of Respresentatives designating the date as Survivors Victory Day, honoring Jessica Huber, then 13, from Leander, Texas, who had survived a horrific traffic accident when 19 months old, while on a visitation.   The 12-year-long case was the signal achievement of a long career—continues through her remarkable iconic survival and is the iconic mark of the skies and the tranquility depicted.  

Jessica’s father, if asked, would recall early stories of the “JOP Scale” and its effect …the Joy of Parenting which is perhaps the most important factor in the matters concerned at the law offices to be consulted.

in January 2016, Jessica underwent one more surgery on her way to a recovery that will give her survival her life's meaning -- another milestone on her journey since November 19, 2002.  Her face to the world is not yet perfect, but her smile is returning and nearly there for her life days that  have marked her miracle.

There are few events in a legal career that can match having met her father and Jessica, but if this is a signal for all, it is offered as a welcome to all who would come to meet us and go forth.  It would hope that others who can meet Jessica on her terms in her world can see the future in her happier eye and await her smile.

Social Media
The Law Office of Len Faseler is developing social media; and it is expected to provide links
as soon as practicable.  We recommend that all of our colleagues in the office complex utilize each
of the six main networks if at al possible, and we will endeavor to do so as we progress.  "Under construction" will be a partial mantra but we hope to be pioneering in the use for the profession and to participate in a software project with a "Social Media Browser" to be announced.

On YouTube, I will attempt to convert and comment upon some Combat Correspondent film and observations from a Marine Corps tour of duty that will give at least a historical perspective, and perhaps some insight into career and personal connections.   Perhaps even in the general "marketing sense."  The first is posted on January 17, 2016.

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